We offer a large selection of hardwood from Lauzon, BSL, and Somerset to mention a few. Choose hardwood to increase the value and beauty of your home.  Please visit our showroom to see how we can cover your flooring needs.


From forest to finished product, Lauzon offers the benefit of a fully integrated operation with access to a guaranteed 25 year supply of renewable raw materials.  Lauzon flooring is among the leading hardwood flooring manufacturers in North America.  Its products, evironmental commitment, and outstanding service makes Lauzon hardwood flooring a confident choice.


Signature BSL hardwood floors are the result of an exclusive manufacturing process perfected by a team of experts making the most of equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

Signature BSL hardwood floors are coated with one of the best varnishes in the industry, ensuring superior resistance to water infiltration, stains and burns, and maximum durability.


Somerset is a vertically integrated forest products company and one of the largest manufacturers of Appalachain lumber and hardwood flooring in the United States.  They own and manage timberlands and are one of the largest lumber buyers in our region.

Here are a few reasons why you can feel good about the quality of Somerset flooring:

  • Privately Owned Company with Over 20 Years Growth in the Hardwood Industry
  • Strategically Positioned to Manufacture the Finest Flooring
  • Vertically Integrated – From the Forest to the Finished Product
  • State of the Art Facilities
  • Wood is An Environmentally Sound Choice



Nature is an industry leading wood flooring manufacturer based in China. The Nature brand is sold worldwide in 30 different countries, including Korea, Australia, Germany, Italy and the United States.

Nature Flooring began manufacturing in 1985 and has expanded into six plants located throughout China and South America. The newest plant opened in Peru in 2007, reduces the manufacturing costs of our finished floors by moving production closer to the exotic hardwood source. Nature has over 2,000 employees and over 5 million sq.ft of factory space to produce its quality hardwood floors.

As its name suggests, Nature is a strong supporter of the Green Movement and environmentally sound logging practices. They offer products that are FSC certified. In addition, they are members of the World Wildlife Foundation’s Global Forest Trade Network (GFTN) and the China Forest & Trade Network (CFTN).

Installation is always available by our trained professional craftsman. We offer free measurements and estimates.